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Enabling Change

Change is scary, but not as scary as standing still

Things around us are changing at a faster pace than ever before. Regardless of where we look, things are evolving, moving, changing. Technology is no exception, rather it has always been on the front lines of change. 

Change is one of the amazing things that has put humans where we are today. Where would we be without this natural drive of changing? That ever present curiosity. 

At the same time, change is difficult, scary and uncomfortable. It means loss, even when what we lose is, in the end, replaced with something better. It required stepping out of our comfort zone, a feeling of insecurity and leaving the known and comfortable. Change is disruptive. But it is also what makes us grow.

But in the end, we are key to enabling change

In 2023, we want to hear stories of improved communication and bridging gaps. Of technology used to harness the power of agility. Of process improvements, impediments removal and common goals. About changing attitudes, ways of working and minds. We want to hear stories of failure or win, standing up against change or championing it. What you changed. What you learned from it.

We are looking to build a program offering a wide variety of inspiring talks and hands-on workshops. The conference will span over 3 days with the first two days consisting of one- and two-day workshops and training. On the third day we will have a classic multi-track setup with a variety of keynotes and talks. We will also be trying out a few exciting concepts that we will share more information about along the way.



Keynote speakers


Tickets for Romanian Testing Conference will be available starting January 2023. Stay tuned!

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Looking for Partners, more than just sponsors

Yes, of course, sponsorship is what allows us to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s testers. Simultaneously, we are looking for partners who want to play an active role and even help us co-design the event.

These are the companies that understand that investing in people’s professional development is critical for their engagement and that are focusing on loyalty rather than retention.

Furthermore, their leaders value diverse viewpoints, encourage risk-taking and learning from mistakes, and guide their teams toward company and personal goals.

Want to become a partner of RTC2023? That’s easy! Contact us at contact@romaniatesting.ro or use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

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