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Call for Submissions

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Theme: Qualisophy in testing

[ˈkwɒləsəfi] in testing – Can you test it?

As a qualisopher, I am always seeking wisdom to see if we can improve our way of living in general and, to be more specific, our way of improving quality in the systems we deliver together. For me this means thinking about a lot of questions. As a qualisopher and the program chair of Romanian Testing Conference 2019 I have a simple question for you: “can you test it?”. With this simple question I would like to trigger you to come up with stories, ideas or even workshops on how you dealt with this question.

As good philosophers, you will find that such a simple question covers a lot of challenging and intriguing topics which we aim to cover in conference program. We often ask ourselves:

* Is it about how to prepare yourself or your team for testing?

* Did we cover quality risks in different other ways than testing activities?

* Were you able to achieve more confidence in your results by initiating conversations with different peers?

* How did you reach out to get the discussion going without being put aside because the tester ‘knows nothing’?

* Or can you tell me more about how you created a testing culture, an atmosphere of continuous communication and quality-driven mindset in your team or project?

* With whom does the responsability of testing lies with?

* What did your ideas, scripts, frameworks, initiatives helped you, your team, your company to improve?

As you can see, ‘can you test it?’ leads to a lot of other interesting qualisophical questions, layers, challenges and stories. So, tell us your stories, when and how you dealt with this question, in good and bad times.

Submit your proposal for a talk, 2 hours workshop or full-day tutorial for Romanian Testing Conference 2019 and help us answer such questions.

If you are a first time speaker and are in doubt or wondering if your proposal is good enough, we offer you the possibility to get feedback (or a good philosophical discussion) on your draft proposal, before the deadline. Send your abstract to me (ard [dot] kramer [at] improveqs [dot] nl) and I will reply to you within 3 days without any obligations.

Conference chair: Ard Kramer


Ard considers himself as someone who loves truth and wisdom and at the same time is decisive to improve himself and his environment.

As a speaker he loves to make connections between different fields of knowledge such as IT and sport and making connection with people because we can learn so much from each other.
He is Test Consultant for ImproveQA and a volleyball coach.

Besides working as test consultant I am also active in different organizations such as:

– Leader of the initiative, “what can sport clubs learn from Agile” 

– Member of the council of the Dutch Volleyball Association (NeVoBo) 

– Chairman of CultuurLocaal, responsible for cultural education (music, theater) in my hometown Barendrecht

– Chairman of the committee for the monuments in my hometown Barendrecht.





Call for speakers

Remember the feeling of watching a talk at a conference and thinking: “I have done something great and revolutionary, too!” or “Hmmm, I would have done that differently”,  ooor “I wonder how it feels like when a room full of people clap at the end of your own talk…” Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, because you now have the chance to experience it yourself!

We invite you to join us for Romanian Testing Conference 2019, by sharing your experience and thoughts related to this year’s theme Qualisophy in testing“. We appreciate proposals from every area of software testing, based on personal experience.

Sessions: Talk, Workshop or Tutorial

We are looking for submissions for all 3 types of sessions:

  • Talk sessions – 45 minutes including Q&A session.
  • Workshop sessions – 2 hours session with 15 minutes break in-between
  • Tutorial sessions – 8 hours or full day, hands-on classroom activities. Includes lunch break and 4 coffee breaks.

Topics: Revolutionary, Challenging, New, Changing

You can chose from a large variety of topics:

  • Testing in relatively new technological situations (VR/AR, IoT, drones, oil extraction platforms, medical devices, wearables, etc.)
  • Career development in a changing industry
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Testing beyond what is viewed as “normal” testing
  • Testing at the limits of our current understanding – new experiences and techniques
  • New testing implementations, new strategies, new challenges


You can submit your proposal in two ways

This year we want to try something bold, something new and we offer you the possibility to apply using Youtube recording. How does that work? Instead of having to write all the details of your session, you can record yourself and send us the link. You’ll still need to write down a couple of contact details, but we promise it’s the bear minimum to help us promote your session. And if you’re talk is selected, we will use the video to help you promote your session. The link below will take you to a Google Form page


Still more comfortable writing everything down? We fully understand, so please go ahead and use the Google Form below.






Important Dates

Submission: Deadline, Confirmation, Program

We are currently receiving your papers for submission for Romanian Testing Conference 2019. Please note that submission deadline is November 25th, 2018, midnight (Romanian Time – GMT + 2)

Beside this, below you can find all the other important dates regarding the paper submission and announcements:

  • Announcement of call for papers results – December 4th, 2018
  • Speaker’s Confirmation deadline – December 15th, 2018
  • Official program going live – January 5, 2019

Speaker Compensation

Experience: Sharing

We provide you the opportunity to share your ideas, experiences and challenges to a large internal and international public.

Learn and inspire others to follow your vision in testing.

Become a well known speaker and a testing world hero!


Compensation: Operational

RTC covers the following:

    • Travel costs (in the limits stated below)
    • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and the way back in our conference branded cars
    • Hotel accommodation in a 5* hotel (breakfast included) for a maximum of 2 nights for talks or 3 nights for tutorials.
    • Meals during the conference: lunches, speakers dinner and other conference related activities
    • Speakers giving a tutorial are rewarded with 500 euros/session – the quantum will be paid within 3 weeks after the conference based on an invoice
    • Free entrance to the conference day
    • 25% discount for workshops for the speakers (requires prior registration and it’s subject to availability)
    • Free entrance to XTestathon
    • Free entrance to RTC Youth

We’re not covering the additional costs with the mini-bar and other hotel expenses that might appear, for example extending your stay.

We purchase the ticket in advance, on a route agreed with the speaker, according to his/hers time schedule. If the speaker is insisting on purchasing his/her own ticket, we will reimburse the ticket cost in maximum 3 weeks after conference day.

We have a maximum travel cap of 500 euros/session for Europe based speakers and one of 800 euros/session for the ones coming from another continents. The amount contains the accommodation price. The venue offers special prices for the conference participants (the prices can be found here). The cap includes (bullet 1 and 3).

Please note that these expenses are per session. If the session is delivered by more than one person the expenses will have to split between the speakers.

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