Romanian Testing Conference

Romanian Testing Conference has been THE GO-TO EVENT for meeting the world’s Rockstars of Software Industry and Software Testing.

Delivering valuable content and sharing the knowledge and experiences of the best in the field has been our mission and continues to be it.

With a shared passion for everything involving Quality in Software, we strive to bring you the most diverse and entertaining sessions and workshops and hope to get you involved in a ping pong of ideas that you will leave being nothing but motivated to try on your own. 

We aim to ignite the passion in our fellow testers and bring software practices to a whole new level. 

Why we do this?

Do you know that feeling when you have an “aha” moment, when the questions regarding your career purpose are finally answered? We are grateful to all the people who guided us, who helped us clarify what we wanted in terms of professional development and now we are able to give back.

Every year, we create experiences that are helping testers to solve complex and ambiguous challenges and thus become what the society needs them to be.

The topics we cover are carefully chosen in collaboration with our mentors, professionals we admire, and our community, and range from the value we can provide to our clients, building users’ trust, efficiency in (hybrid) work environments, cybersecurity – to empathic and inclusive communication, social impact, mental health, or leadership.

The power of the Community

Romanian Testing Community has been created as a reference point for the software testers who want to share and debate ideas and personal experiences related to their common interest, testing or Quality Assurance.

People have always felt the need to be part of a social entity that shared the same values and principles, as they understood that the power of groups surpasses that of the individual when it comes to changing the mindsets, development and evolution.

Since 2011, the mission of Romanian Testing Community is to bring people together, to put them in one place and connect them through their common passion and interest. Because great ideas are built only if shared and polished with different opinions and different views, the community is here to do that for the software quality assurance professionals in Romania.

Therefore, if you think you know valuable stuff about testing, or you want to learn new things from our members, or just express your opinion on some topic, get in touch with us via LinkedIn and Facebook or the below contact form, and meet us once a year at the Annual Testing Conference.

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