Speaker's benefits & compensation policy

Experience: Sharing

We provide you the opportunity to share your ideas, experiences and challenges to a large internal and international public.

Learn and inspire others to follow your vision in testing.

Become a well known speaker and a testing world hero!

Compensation: Operational

RTC covers the following:

    • Travel costs (in the limits stated below). We assign a travel agent for each speaker. He will consult with the speaker to get his/her preferred dates and flight preferences and book the flight, at no expense in advance from his/her side. If the speaker is insisting on purchasing his/her own ticket, we will reimburse the ticket cost in maximum 3 weeks after conference day.
    • We have a maximum travel cap of 500 euros/session for Europe based speakers and one of 1200 euros/session for the ones coming from US/Canada/Australia and 1000 euros for any other location. The amount contains also the accommodation price. The cap includes (bullet 1 to 4).
    • Transfer from Cluj Napoca airport to the hotel and the way back in our conference branded cars. Please note that the transfer to the departure airport is not covered, no matter if we are talking about bus, train or taxi.
    • Hotel accommodation in a 5* hotel (breakfast included) for a maximum of 2 nights for talks or 3 nights for tutorials (if the tutorial lasts 2 days).
    • Meals during the conference official days (12-14.06): breakfast and lunches, and ocassionaly speakers dinner and other conference related events and activities. For the other days, only breakfast is included.
    • Speakers giving a tutorial are incentified to choose from a progressive scheme based on a profit share basis or they could go with a standard 500 euros/session (see below). The selection between the two models has to be made by the speaker at the program announcement and cannot be changed later in the sales process.
    • Standard fee Progressive Workshop Attendance (in persons)
      500€ 250€ <20
      500€ 20-30
      700€ 30-40
      900€ 40-50
      1’100€ 50-60
    • The fee will be paid within 3 weeks after the conference end, based on an invoice received from the speakers. Without the invoice, the amounts cannot be paid.
    • Free entrance to the conference day

We’re not covering the additional costs with the mini-bar and other hotel expenses that might appear, for example extending your stay or changing the room to accommodate more travelers.

Please note that these expenses are per session. If the session is delivered by more than one person the expenses will have to split between the speakers.


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