Endava, United Business Center

“Automated testing made easy” – Marius Gradinaru

We all know why automation testing is important, but getting there can take a serious amount of time and many resources. The goal of this presentation is to show you how to create quality tests in an easy manner respecting the F.I.R.S.T principles. Does this sound this like an interesting topic to you? Then let me present you our approach from our experience.

“The 2 sides of the manual vs automated testing story” – Sanda Pop

In the world of software testing there is an increasing shift of workforce towards test automation, while the good practices of manual testing are disregarded. We want the easiest way, the fastest way to automate everything. But are the ones requesting these changes really aware of the complete picture when it comes to testing and the value it brings? With this presentation, let’s look at the two sides of the manual vs automated testing story.

Location: Endava, United Business Center, Ground Floor University, Cluj-Napoca


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