Getting to RTC

By plane

Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport (Aeroportul Internațional Avram Iancu Cluj CLJ IATA) has multiple incoming direct flights, both domestic from the other main cities of Romania and from Europe and few outside Europe. Flights are provided by Blue Air, TAROM, LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Wizzair. 

You can find all direct flights below
From Operator Link Duration
Alicante Alicante-Cluj 3h10min
Barcelona Barcelona-Cluj 3h5min
Bari Bari-Cluj 1h40min
Basel Basel-Cluj 2h10min
Bergamo Bergamo-Cluj 2h
Berlin Berlin Schoenefeld-Cluj 1h50min
Billund Billund-Cluj 2h20min
Birmingham Birmingham-Cluj 2h50m
Bologna Bologna-Cluj 1h45min
Bucharest Bucharest-Cluj 1h
Charleroi Charleroi-Cluj 2h25min
Constanta Constanta-Cluj
Doncaster Doncaster-Cluj 2h50min
Dormund Dortmund-Cluj 2h10min
Dubai Dubai-Cluj 5h40min
Dublin Dublin-Cluj 3h20min
Eindhoven Eindhoven-Cluj 2h20min
Frankfurt Frankfurt-Cluj 2h
Iasi Iasi-Cluj 1h
Istanbul Istanbul-Cluj 1h45min
Liverpool Liverpool-Cluj 3h5min
London London-Southend-Cluj 2h40m
Luton Luton-Cluj 2h50min
Lyon Lyon-Cluj 2h25m
Madrid Madrid-Cluj 3h40min
Malaga Malaga-Cluj 3h50min
Malmö Malmö-Cluj 2h
Malta Malta-Cluj 2h20min
München   Memmingen Munich-Cluj 1h50m
Nuremberg Nuremberg-Cluj 1h50min
Palma de Malorca Palma de Malorca-Cluj 3h
Paris Paris Beauvais-Cluj 2h35min
Rome Roma-Cluj 2h
Tel-Aviv Tel-Aviv-Cluj 3h10min
Treviso Treviso-Cluj 1h45min
Valencia Valencia-Cluj 3h1min
Vienna Vienna-Cluj 1h20min
Warszawa Warszawa-Cluj 1h40min
Zaragoza Zaragoza-Cluj 3h15min

By train

Cluj-Napoca railway station (Gara Cluj-Napoca). The main train station serving Cluj-Napoca. There are a couple of others which are of no interest to the traveler.

As with many other Transylvanian cities, the train is the easiest way to reach Cluj because it is an important Romanian railway hub. There are 4 trains daily to Bucharest and 4 trains daily to Budapest (via Oradea). There are train connections to most Romanian or Transylvanian cities, including fast InterCity connections to Oradea, AradTimisoaraBrasovSighisoaraPloiesti and Bucharest.

On a few routes like Cluj-Napoca – Oradea or Cluj-Napoca – Târgu Mures, you can find private companies like Transferoviar grup, which offer cheaper tickets.

Important to know, that in Romania there are three kind of trains.

  • Regio – This is the slowest but cheapest way to go somewhere. The Regio trains stop at every station.
  • InterRegio – The InterRegio trains are much faster than the Regio. Because they are very comfortable many international trains are InterRegio. The ticket is more expensive than the Regio ticket but affordable.
  • InterCity – The fastest and the most comfortable way to travel but the ticket is very expensive.

City transfer

  • The Airport of Cluj-Napoca has transport connections to downtown Cluj-Napoca. To get there, travelers can choose between car rentals, taxi, limo service and public transport (bus line 5 and 8 running from 05:30 till 00:00, 2.5 lei for one travel). For the public bus, you need to exit the airport, turn right at the main street and walk to the next bus stop. There is a ticket machine. One way to the city center costs 2.5 lei (Oct 2019). Remember to stamp your ticket on board. You are not allowed to buy tickets from the driver.
  • Also, WizzAir company offers a shuttle bus to the center for a fixed price of 15 lei.

By car

Cluj-Napoca has good road connections. European road E60 links it to Bucharest and Brasov to the south, Oradea and Budapest to the west, through Bors customs. E81 leads to Zalau and Satu Mare to the north, Brasov and Bucharest to the south. E58 links Cluj-Napoca to Dej, Bistrita, Baia Mare and Vatra Dornei.

By bus

Cluj-Napoca can be reached by bus from Bucharest, major cities in Romania, most cities in Transylvania, and a number of major cities in Europe.

OrangeWays has modern buses that circulate between Budapest and Cluj-Napoca. You can catch a bus to Cluj-Napoca from the Nepliget bus station in Budapest.

On demand bus to Cluj-Napoca from Budapest by Eurobusways