Evening with Testers

Evening With Testers: A Romanian Testing Conference Event


Testing is about collaborating and how better to collaborate than by forming a community? With this bi-monthly events we want to bring the testing community together, share ideas and knowledge, offer a stage for new voices.

With these events we want the testers in Cluj-Napoca to get to know each other, open the discussion between them. We aim to do this by offering easy access to RTC quality topics for participants but also an open stage for testers wanting to express their ideas. Speaking in a conference may be intimidating, so why not start by speaking in front of your colleagues in our Evening with Testers events?

The Evening with Testers takes place at the end of each two months, in different locations in Cluj-Napoca with free access based on registration.






 28th March, 2019 – 18:15

“Automated testing made easy” – Marius Gradinaru

We all know why automation testing is important, but getting there can take a serious amount of time and many resources. The goal of this presentation is to show you how to create quality tests in an easy manner respecting the F.I.R.S.T principles. Does this sound this like an interesting topic to you? Then let me present you our approach from our experience.

“The 2 sides of the manual vs automated testing story” – Sanda Pop

In the world of software testing there is an increasing shift of workforce towards test automation, while the good practices of manual testing are disregarded. We want the easiest way, the fastest way to automate everything. But are the ones requesting these changes really aware of the complete picture when it comes to testing and the value it brings? With this presentation, let’s look at the two sides of the manual vs automated testing story.

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Location: Endava, United Business Center, Ground Floor University, Cluj-Napoca








Previous Sessions

31st January, 2019 – 18:15

“Leverage automation testing with design patterns” – Paul Bodean

Lately, automation testing has a significant importance on improving the quality standards of any product. We all know about its benefits but what about the challenges? What we propose before starting to develop any automation is to take some time on analyzing different design patterns which could be used. Its application on our company brings a lot of values like fast testing, reduced resources allocation leading to low-cost testing effort, reusable components through different validation layers or projects, so we even intend to grow the impact of design patterns on our automation activities at its maximum potential.

With this presentation we are trying to show off the design patterns benefits in software testing and how to use them to reduce false failure ratio and increase the test cases robustness. There will be covered multiple patterns with pros, cons and concrete usage examples, so we can list in the end our top five design patterns based on our experiences. We will start with Façade, continue with the popular Page Object Pattern, then Factory, then Singleton and in the end the Observer pattern.

“10 Lessons I learned from my developers” – Corina Pip

As an automation focused tester, i have always worked in a team where my developers were within reach. I could ask them questions or they would willingly offer some advice that would help me write efficient code, and become better at understanding how the software works. In this talk i would like to share the most important lessons i learned from working with them, to show how beneficial learning from developers is, and how working closely with them can help you easily solve issues by applying their way of thinking.

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Location: Yonder, The Office, Building A, 1st Floor, Cluj-Napoca