Participant Survival Guide

Is this your first online conference?  

Online conferencing can be tricky, but you are the most important super(s)hero in this one so, don’t worry. We’ve got your back! RTC has some experience, we are already on the third online session.
We prepared a survival guide with all you need to know in order to go through this event with brio. Scroll through the list, fulfill the missions and you’ll be ready to enjoy testing!


The key to enter RTC this year is not a ticket, it’s a link

You received the registration email(s) (automatically sent from Bigmarker – the platform which hosts RTC), with the links for connecting to the platform.
Based on the ticket type you acquired you received:

1 email for each tutorial
2 emails for each day of conference

Why two?
Remember that during the day we have some presentations happening in parallel?  Well, that’s why you received 2 emails.
Like in the previous editions we have parallel tracks, only now you don’t have to move from one room to another in order to join your favourite session, you just switch between the two links.

*make sure you have access to the email which was used when the tickets were ordered
(especially if it’s your work email)
**you will also receive reminders to join the conference and you will have the option to add the events in your Google Calendar (we encourage you to use it)


Best things in life are FREE

The keynotes and open panels, possibly the most anticipated sessions will be LIVE and FREE only on Facebook and Youtube, not on Bigmarker.
So, make sure that you follow our Facebook page and subcribe to our Youtube channel to be notified when each live session will start.


Technical checklist

  • system requirements for Bigmarker:
  • be sure that you have a good internet connection
  • test your microphone and webcam before the session starts so that you can be ready to interact with the others
  • if you use a laptop or tablet, be sure that you are connected to a power source. You don’t want to miss the action because of a low battery.

Have a sneak peak in BigMarker to check it out


Code of Conduct

Beware of our Code of Conduct,  we take it very seriously. Our conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form!

Less quick version, here:


Tutorials Prerequisites

Make sure you have pre-installed and configured any tools required by the speaker we will not do the setup during the tutorials.

Follow these steps on our website ( ):

  • in the AGENDA section, find the Tutorials that you will attend
  • click READ MORE
  • scroll through the new page
  • look for PREREQUISITES
  • be sure that you are prepared


See you on Slack

We prepared some channels on Slack, so we can be connected during the conference.

You never used Slack?
It’s a communication app available for Android, iOS, web browsers and desktop app for macOS, Windows and Linux.

The channels are like dedicated rooms for different topics.
Cool fact: the conversations during sessions from Bigmarker will be available in Slack (channel – General)

Link (you can use it already):

General – we post here last minute updates, so be sure that you check it frequently.
Support – if you need help, we are here for you. For technical difficulties or other unforeseen.
OpenSpace – interact with other participants. This year we can’t share ideas face-to-face, but here we try to recreate the coffee break feeling.
Feedback – share your reaction, opinion about this edition of RTC, advice, thoughts, ideas, etc.

For a more formal feedback, use this email address: feedback at romaniatesting dot ro


Social Media

Follow the hashtag #RTC2022.

We will post during the event on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. You are more than welcome to share your RTC experience with others on social media using this hashtag.

Let’s write this edition’s story together!
As stated above, the keynotes and open panels will be broadcasted live on Facebook and Youtube.
Share this wonderful news with your friends!


Have a plan

Review the agenda and pick sessions in advance.
As you know, there will be two sessions at the same time with different topics.
Check the agenda and create your own personalized schedule. This will help you save time during the event, as you will be prepared to access the right link and you will not lose important parts.

Maybe you want to write down your own must-haves for this edition. That way you make sure you don’t miss anything.
Ex: specific questions for specific speakers

Stay focused

  • set your out of office reply
  • disable unnecessary notifications
  • prepare a comfortable spot, water and your favorite coffee (you will have enough breaks for refills, but maybe the engagement with other participants will be too captivating to visit the kitchen ;)
  • be sure that you are in a quiet room
  • announce your friends that you are going on an adventure in the RTC world, so they don’t make surprise visits
  • take notes: analog or digital, it can help you fix the information or relive the conference later


Share the knowledge

Don’t be selfish! Share valuable information and inspirational thoughts from RTC with your colleagues Online or Offline.
Enjoy testing, wherever you are!

If you still encounter problems, contact us using Slack (Support channel) or via email:


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