RTC 2021 slides




Community Initiatives for Social Change

by Faiza Yousuf

Community changes RTC 2021



DevOps and the Imposter Syndrome

by Peter Varhol

DevOps and Imposter Syndrome RTC 2021

Everything Great About Testing

by Rick Tracy

Everything great about testing rtc2021

Finding Your Tester Voice

by Claire Reckless

Finding your testing voice rtc2021

How I Break the shell with L.I.E.S

by Nithin SS

How I break the shell with LIES rtc2021

How I Used Kanban to Improve my Mental Health

by Maryam Umar

Kanban for Mental Health rtc2021

How to boost performance at work using simple mindfulness techniques

by Gabriela Ciucanu

Performance with mindfulness tehniques rtc 2021

“Make it public! ” And other things developers don’t like to hear

by Gil Zilberfeld

Make it public - rtc2021

Move Forward with an effective test automation strategy

by Julia Pottinger

Automation strategy rtc 2021

Timeless Skills for Modern Testers

by Peter Varhol & Gerie Owen

Skills for modern testers rtc 2021

Turning your personal weaknesses into your testing strength

by Joel Montvelisky

personal weaknesses to strength rtc 2021

Why adding more test phases may not reduce bugs – the Peltzman effect

by Andrew Brown

test phases rtc 2021

Faster Delivering Teams? Kill the test column

by Jitesh Gosai

Faster delivering teams rtc2021

The magic of human connections

by Emily Webber

humman connection 2021