RTC2019 Unconf





This workshop will take you on a journey, figuratively and literally, to helping you understand how you can overcome your fears of sharing that story, experience, or idea to others.

This workshop will be a wide range of experiences: Jim, Ard, Alex, Dan & Petra, accomplished speakers, we’ll start out sharing ideas on getting started, overcoming adversity, dealing with fears, and finding a voice.

These speakers will also share practical tips on building and delivering a presentation, from effective slides to movement and posture on stage.

Much of this tutorial will follow the Unconference philosophy: Attendees will help drive the overall session direction by selecting and creating topics that matter most to them. Attendees will also participate in challenging exercises to help focus ideas and practice foundational skills such as abstract creation, dealing with fear/stage fright, and handling disruptions during a talk.

Learn to become a public speaker