RTC supports the largest worldwide testing survey

Who doesn’t love statistics? Numbers with meaning, that help us grasp the scale of everything. As you might have noticed, we like to share with you the stats of our events, such as the ones from last year.
We also use them in order to create a better conference every year, for each and every one of you.
This is why we love and promote initiatives like the global survey The State of Testing 2018, created by Practitest. We’ve all done the survey ourselves and the questions were so good that they made us question things :). So why not go ahead and spend 5 minutes of your time to help the community, the conference organizers and other testers alike, by sharing information about how and what you test, what your interests are, what you think the future will bring and other topics.
Here’s the link to this year’s global State of Testing Survey: http://qablog.practitest.com/state-of-testing/. There’s no rush, but just know that there’s one week left before the survey closes.
The Practitest team will send you the survey report by e-mail as soon as the data is gathered and filtered, so you’ll always have it on hand for future reference.
If you’d like to see the stats from previous years, just head here: http://qablog.practitest.com/state-of-testing-2017-report/.
We promise you, the information is an eye-opener.
The RTC team

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