Being Awesome to Work With

Room 1

Your team is full of people who are good to work with, right? But wherever you are in your agile journey, could there be subtle, everyday behaviors that undermine trust and prevent you from achieving your full potential?

Based on comedy improvisation, this is a fun, full-participation workshop exploring how people behave at work. You’ll learn about creating a team culture where people feel safe, supported and valued.

This session will deliver guaranteed laughs, and tricks anyone can use straight away to be an even more awesome colleague everyone wants to work with.

Key Takeaways

  • There are subtle ways we might undermine our colleagues and erode trust without meaning to
  • By making small changes to how we interact, we can make sure people feel their contributions are heard and valued
  • Together we can challenge and improve on ideas in a way that gets us to places we’d never have thought of on our own
Collaboration Track