Automating the Automation with AI

Session concept

Solution design room

Session description

We keep hearing talks of past experiences, but how exactly pro’s do it? We want to see pros at work and the design room is meant just for that. In a controlled environment, we will invite a software testing professional and we’re going to gradually solve a testing problem – “tell me and I forget teach me and I remember” was the inspiration when creating this session.



To keep up with today’s fast-paced software development world, automation is essential to provide rapid feedback on software quality. One of the key drivers for businesses to succeed is the need for faster time to market and lean quality assurance. That’s why processes throughout the entire test lifecycle must be accelerated through advanced intelligent automation, not only the text execution part.

Funded by Austria Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Nagarro has developed a pioneering testing approach called: AI4T – Advanced Intelligence for Testing.
By using intelligent solutions, we automate QA-related processes with the aim to move towards a highly automated test lifecycle.

With Nagarro’s AI4T accelerators, you can:
– Maximize automation in all testing activities to reduce boring and repetitive tasks far beyond test execution only.
– Dramatically reduced manual effort in the areas of test automation maintenance, refactoring, result analysis, and others.
– Shorter test cycles without impacting quality.

Key takeaways

  • How to use Artificial Intelligence in Test Automation.
  • What remaining manual tasks can further automated to reduce effort.
  • What is the future of Test Automation.
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