Track 1 – Avengers Assemble! No hero can save the world on their own

In the summer of 2019, the London Metropolitan Police’s twitter account was hacked. Whilst control of the account was soon recovered, Police were at a loss to find the culprits. However, there were over 5 million people in the UK who could have provided crucial keys to solving the crime, if only they had been consulted. I know, because I was one of those > 5 million. All of us had a very basic skill and some vital previous knowledge that nobody in the Metropolitan police realized they needed. The result: they just never thought to ask. It was by sheer coincidence that a person with the one skill required stumbled upon the case and helped crack it.

Who does not recognize this? You’re stuck on a problem, but you simply don’t think to ask for help because you don’t know what help you need. Or conversely, you know what skill you need, but you don’t realize somebody you know has the know-how to help you out. Sometimes there is no one specific skill that could help fix the problems, but a whole sequence of people coming up with good ideas lead up to a solution that nobody could have thought of by themselves. In short: no hero can save the world by themselves.

Assembling your perfect team of Avengers is vital to your success as an individual and I have learned over the course of my assignments in testing that the most valuable allies are sometimes the most unexpected. This talk is all about assembling an undefeatable team of superheroes.

So who was the evil mastermind behind the Met Police’s twitter hack? Turns out, it wasn’t the Thanos that everybody was expecting. Come to my talk and find out what happened.

Key Takeaways

  • Entering the villain’s lair – coming out of your comfort zone when asking for help
  • Consulting Mysterio – how to find help when you don’t realize you need it (or that it’s available)
  • Identifying your kryptonite – finding your allies for self improvement
Improvement Track