Best practices for highly maintainable test automation frameworks

Besides its relevant and obvious benefits regarding processes and best practices, test automation should represent a shared playground between development and testers.
Testing community often refers to the challenges and complexity of the projects that require automation tests, overlooking the maintainability, readability and future proof implementation of resulted frameworks.
This workshop aims to address the code quality and maintainability attributes of test automation implementations, as seen by developers.


Writing automated checks is a critical activity for a lot of projects that aim to achieve continuous delivery. While writing code is important, crafting your test automation code is a new skill that can be learned.


  • Applying Clean code principles in test code.
  • Technical practices to achieve more than just working software
  • Achieving readability
  • Achieve scalable frameworks
  • Customized assertions


This tutorial is dedicated to Mid/Senior test automation engineers who aim to improve their coding skills.
We will do group and individual exercises that will aim to address concepts such as: meaningful naming, custom assertions, composition vs inheritance and many more

Key takeaways

  • Coding principles to achieve high maintainable code
  • Test framework design principles
  • Development best practices to boost your coding skills


  • We will write solely API tests
  • Maven/Gradle + Java 8 + Junit 5
  • Fluent Assertions
Automation Full Day Tutorial