Career design – is this magic? – part 2

Micro Focus (Botticelli)

Corporations and schools brainwashed generations of people to believe that they had no option. Go to school, go to the interview, get a job, do what you’re told. The amazing reality of our time is this is no longer true. However, just a few people are developing their alternative, building an external reputation and even reading or learning on the weekends. When you have the option, not only does your confidence change, your work does as well. As soon as you understand how much power you have to influence your career, magic happens!

Join me in this session to explore and debate on:

  • How to take control of your career development
  • Learning is a personal project
  • Companies are no longer in the lead, employees are.
  • War for talent has begun, which side of it are you?



A device connected to internet (smartphone is also fine)

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2h Workshop Careers