Community Initiatives for Social Change

Access to equal opportunities is a multi-faceted and complex problem, no matter how you approach it. I chose to take action for some of the problems that bothered me, including gender parity in technology, financial inclusion of women, and making technology education accessible for everyone. I started building small community initiatives around these issues in my country and I want to share my journey with you.

This story has an interesting timeline, an application form filled on a train ride, a Facebook group for women, a dyslexic introvert hiding behind a screen, a community-funded coding boot camp for girls in Pakistan, whitepapers, roundtables, national-level committees and conversations, and even a couple of awards.

Let’s talk about building community initiatives for social change!

Key takeaways

  • Taking the first step is half the battle. 
  • Social change is a gradual process that requires constant efforts from empathetic individuals so that we stay on track. 
  • Why your voice as an individual matter? 
  • Sometimes, not choosing to scale is a better strategy.
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