Dan Billing Talk | Exploring Security

Talk Room 2

Recommended for Junior testers, Mid testers, Senior testers & leads, managers

Security is a vital aspect of software development and quality. Without it, we compromise the confidentiality of data, both corporate and personal, the integrity and the availability of our products and services.

Unfortunately, it is a challenge that is not fully understood, or executed on. Software engineers and leaders need to understand the risks and threats to their customers and deliverables. Sometimes these risks are deferred to tooling, consultants and internal security teams. This is often a great way of working for some organizations, but it ignores the fact that engineers need to be able to identify, fix and communicate the security risks to their products.

Key takeaways

By the end of this talk, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the key security risks, threats and vulnerabilities to the services that they work on.
  • Understand that security is a whole team problem, which requires thought, planning and honest commitment to take on the challenge.
  • Begin to be able to explore security using a variety of methods, techniques and skills

Prerequisites: none.