David Williams Talk | The Value of Change

Talk Room 3

Recommended for: Junior testers, Mid testers, Senior testers & leads, managers.

Change is the cornerstone of businesses, of teams, and of individuals. But with information being potentially infinite, how do we efficiently optimise that gathering process, and focus on the most important information we need to Enable Change?

We look at one key variable within the information – VALUE! How often do you look at the “Value” of your work? Do you evaluate the Value of what you are doing, before, during, and (importantly!) after you do it? Do you understand your Value to your business, your department, your team, your career and even to your daily life?

By sharing my own experiences and anecdotes from a 20 year career in engineering, testing, quality and leadership, I will paint high-level pictures of some of the responsibilities I had, for you to map to your own experiences and spot the (often hidden!) opportunities to generate Value to effect change.
Come and listen to the strategies that I have used as an employee that helped me understand the context and scope of my work and team, which then helped me to start understanding how I could generate Value in that role, and how I used that to drive my career growth and enable my own career changes.

Key takeaways

  • Understand different roles and responsibilities, and have ideas on generating Value to enable change in them.
  • Use the concept of Value to better structure your role and responsibilities on the impact you can make, and change you can enable.
  • Track the Value of your daily work (I’ve helped 3 people to get promoted using these ideas)
    Talk confidently about Value and impact using your own examples

Prerequisites: None