DevOps and the Imposter Syndrome

I am a senior Site Reliability Engineer with over five years of experience in building applications and deploying them in the Amazon Cloud. I have been a beta tester of new Microsoft Azure rollouts since 2010. Today I am building serverless components for multiple applications using Amazon Lambda and S3, and using continuous deployment to update both new and existing applications.

Except that very little of that is actually true. I’m a smart person who has done a lot of reading in these areas, and a little bit of actual tinkering, usually on my own time. In an era of “fake it until you make it”, it’s become increasingly difficult for even the best of us to stay current on new technologies, especially from a practitioner perspective. Yet we are caught between unrealistic job advertisements and the need to continue our day-to-day work on our existing projects.

This presentation talks about the imposter in all of us, and how we can be both an imposter and a valued contributor to applications using these and other technologies.

Key takeaways

  • Why we struggle to find new and exciting professional roles.
  • How we can learn new approaches and technologies while working with legacy systems.
  • How to accept and embrace our intern impostor to become a better technologies.
DevOps Testing Track A