Diamonds in the Rough: Unlocking Our Potential


Have you ever felt… stuck? Or perhaps, as you see a rapidly evolving tech landscape, feel a bit overwhelmed with how to keep up? I know I have. Throughout my career in testing, and now as I focus on engineering enablement, I have constantly had to learn more, do more, and evolve rapidly. Although I consider myself a lifelong learner (and find it to be a necessity in our field), there can be some unintended consequences – I began to question the value I was adding, and even my own abilities. To be honest, I burned out – hard.

But, I came back! Coincidentally (and perhaps a bit ironically), I also happened to have made the decision to go back to school to focus on how humans experience – and thrive – in the workplace. This could not have come at a better time – I developed the scaffolding I needed to build myself back up. I found new ways of learning and thinking about not just my work, but also my own potential.

Join me as we talk about how we can use research and current evidence to learn how to shape our work to achieve greater impact. I will discuss techniques like finding variety in our work, understanding the value we provide and the impact we have on others, autonomy, and getting feedback. But that’s just about our jobs, what about looking inward to ourselves?

Progress depends less on how hard we work, and more on how well we learn. And the biggest surprise? It’s not about our cognitive ability or what we know – it’s about the “soft” character skills. Skills that you can build. So how do we unlock that potential? Let’s dive in as we discover the art of imperfection, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and becoming a sponge for information and learning. We need to improve at improving!

Anyone can rise to achieve greater things.

The true measure of your potential is not the height of the peak you’ve reached, but how far you’ve climbed to get there – and we can get there together!

Key takeaways

  • We are all capable of great things – it’s in unlocking our potential
  • Crafting our jobs for greater outcomes
  • Building character skills to unlock our own potential