Easy Guideline for the four colours of every team!

iQuest (Verdi)

“Petra, you will lead a team of 10 guys, Senior Software Testers, they perform very well, but they have some communication problems. Make a team from them quickly.”

Our first Stand Up? Charlie slammed the door shouting that he needs clear instructions and doesn’t want to waste his time brainstorming on stupid meetings. Lucas stood in a corner, terrified in silence. Kevin told me that he will probably quit because it’s not fun anymore.

After that I took a moment for me, and became a crying Leader hidden in a toilet for a while.

Petra, do you want to succeed? Don’t take it personally.

Be kind, observe and try to manage people as they would manage themself. Adjust your communication style to their needs. Does Charlie want instructions only via email? I will always write clear emails explaining what went on at the end of every meeting. Does Kevin want some creative challenge? He will get a new project. Is Lucas feel more comfortable in private? I will plan a lunch with him. There are 4 personalities in your team!

1. Get to know yourself! In the first part I will introduce you to these 4 colours of energy and how to easily recognise them with words, actions, by their working desks and out of office emails. Once you know more, you will finally find out: a. What is your real value for a team? b. How do you behave in your good mood? c. How do you behave when you are stressed out? And how does it influence your team?

2. Get to know your team! We will focus on 5 nightmares of each team leader and how to make them understandable for all personalities. We will focus on topics: a. How to communicate a change? b. How to give feedback? c. How to motivate and which tasks to give to your team members? d. How to write a meeting invitation to get all the people (personalities) on a meeting? e. How to lead a meeting where everyone gets what they want? I have held some parts of this Speech at european conferences last year and someone approached me everytime with a big smile on their face screaming: ‚Now I finally understand it, my team is blue and I’m yellow.‘ or ‚Aha, that’s why I can’t really get on the same page with my Business Analyst.‘ Prepare youself, this will change your way of communication forever. At the end of my session, be ready for a funny and interactive colourful call to action. Start with yourself, then with people around you!

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