Everyday Acts of Heroism

Room 3

We celebrate heroes. They do something big, something bold, something heroic. Something visible. It’s good to have these heroes around to save the day. There’s also a different kind of hero. They do smaller things, less dramatic things. They are celebrated less often, but their impact is bigger than the typical kind of heroes.

These heroes may seem boring. Sometimes their heroic act is just to show up. They are persistent. They improve things by taking a small step forward every single day. They put in that little extra effort to be kind to others. They pair up when a teammate is struggling. They ask the right question early, so nobody heads down the wrong path. They build good habits, so they’re prepared when shit hits the fan. They share knowledge, empowering the people around them so work can continue in their absence. They embody their values and live them everyday, making everything and everyone in their path a little bit better along the way.

We’ll get you thinking about these small acts of heroism with stories about:

  • Building good communication habits in weekly mob testing sessions
  • Taking small, manageable steps on the path to continuous deployment.
  • Establishing team values on inception, revisiting those values through retrospectives, and staging an intervention to keep our way of life sustainable
  • Being a team lead when three out of five team members are new and six different stakeholders want different things from your team