Everything Great About Testing

Being a Tester is great. It’s a rush. For many, it’s a dream job where we get to explore, figure out puzzles and mysteries, and communicate valuable things for our teams, all while accentuating the possibilities. And those possibilities are often boundless.

There is far more depth to what we do than even we ourselves examine and exemplify every day. I’d like to explore deeper levels of what we do, how that provides value, how our personal interests and motivations drive it, what the consequences of that are to our work and our lives, and how that helps us create testing paths.

In essence, I want to explore and engage the full potential of any test-minded individual and celebrate the wonderful world and mindset we inhabit. Join me as we change the rules, flip expectations and show off a fascinating world that more people should see.

Key takeaways

  • Motivation goes beyond starting something.
  • One can be a great tester and never quite engage their own interest in the subject fully.
  • Be aware of why you are doing what you are doing.
  • When stuck, change the rules.
  • Celebrate!
Mindset Track A