Exploring your Distributed System: An Observability Journey

For quite some time software systems evolve into a direction that highly favors distribution. Containerization, cloud native and everything-as-a-service are just a few of the trends impacting the shape of our software stack.

This provides many advantages while at the same time introducing a large amount of complexity – a fact, often falling under the radar. Such a modern system may contain an arbitrarily high number of components, each with their own state, individual functionality and replication, loosely coupled from one another meanwhile highly interactive. And to top it off, adopting resilience to actively hide failures.

Exploring systems like those, we are faced with new challenges to analyze, debug and finally understand potential failure states. The possible number of which is endless and cannot be fully predicted. However, we are able to shed light on the running internals by leveraging a tool kit originating from and once limited to the operating realm. In this hands-on workshop we will explore a distributed architecture and its maturity along the observability scale. We will make use of popular open source tooling, enabling you to pick up practical insights supporting your daily testing efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • You can explain the idea of observability and its value
  • You understand how observability can support testing
  • You gain experience working with a fully open source tech stack
  • You take home practical insights on how to increase observability for your team
Full Day Tutorial Technology