Go fast in a regulated environment

Continuous testing, continuous delivery, DevOps, digital transformations – these are all terms very popular in the last couple of years, and they all involve a shift in the way we deliver products, testing included! But when the product is providing automated financial advice or other financial services to their customers, the risk becomes a lot higher. So our first reaction is to be a lot more cautious before delivering it!

But why? I will walk you through a journey into how our teams (and this is not about the delivery team only anymore, we have to include teams across the whole business) are trying to get into a faster delivery pipeline, shift testing as left as possible, whilst still having the confidence that the products provide suitable financial advice to our customers. We will look at steps we took and trials we had and what we learned from them. It’s an ongoing react&adapt process where we trial new processes, we learn from them, we adapt what we feel it helps, and we include everyone who feels they need to be included along the journey. It’s not a once and done anymore, it’s not a test phase at the end of a long journey, it’s a long continuous process!

Key Takeaways

  • Quality is not ensured only through test phase anymore
  • Automation is an enabler, but everyone needs to trust it
  • Learn & adapt continuously as a delivery team.
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