Hilary Weaver Tutorial | Zero to API Testing Champion in One Day – SOLD OUT



Recommended for: Mid testers

Web services and APIs make up a huge chunk of the code in the applications we test, but either we’re not aware of the APIs or we’re asked to focus on the user interface instead. But those APIs are where all of the business logic for the application is exposed, and can hide some pretty nasty bugs. 

In this full-day workshop, we’ll learn what APIs are and then tackle an API testing project ourselves – from understanding the documentation, how the UI uses the API using DevTools in the browser, testing with Postman, and finally writing some automated checks with C#. By the end of the day, you’ll have a solid understanding of what APIs are and why we should test them, how HTTP response codes fit into our testing, how familiar UI tests translate into API tests, how to use Postman to test our APIs, how to read some common API documentation, how to use DevTools to find how the UI is using the API, prioritize and plan our automation, and create a framework with some automated checks against the API in C#. You can walk into work after this ready to champion the API testing love and add valuable tests right away!

Key Takeaways:

  • What APIs are and why we should test them
  • How to test APIs with Postman, using the documentation and how the UI uses the API to plan and prioritize our testing
  • Writing API checks with C#, creating an automation framework that can be used right away at work


  • Laptop
  • Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition (OR Visual Studio Code with dotnet 6 SDK; while the workshop is geared toward Visual Studio 2022, you can make it work with VS Code but you may need some additional extensions)
  • Postman
  • Chrome
  • 101 knowledge of C# and OOP

Access to the tutorial:

The tutorial is available through 2 types of tickets: