How I break the shell with L.I.E.S

We are in a world where most of us are face imposter syndrome, fear of getting out of our comfort zone, or even scared to have a bigger dream. I was one among them and was in a shell until I found out the secret recipe of L.I.E.S.

This talk is my experience on how I break the shell with the help of tactics and how I leveraged the power of an acronym into a regular habit of creating powerful contents around testing and automation.

L: Learn & Listen
I: Ideas & Implementations
E: Experience & Execution
S: Sharing

Key takeaways

  • Practical tips to start creating your first test automation content.
  • How to leverage the power of a unique methodology that helps you to stay positive and overcome writer’s block.
  • Practical ideas to overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt.
  • Learn the secret ingredients needed to make your test automation content trending.
  • Techniques to measure how productive you are by applying these techniques.
Automation Track A