How I used Kanban to improve my mental health

Last year I spoke about how the desire to be perfect in my roles and my life engulfed me. I suffered a massive panic attack as a result which ultimately impacted my life completely. Mental health is as important as physical health. Unfortunately, it’s something I brushed aside when I was younger until my body pushed me to take action for it.

Two years later, I want to share how I moved from monthly improvements to regular improvements for my mental health. These stretch goals have helped me with focus and resilience especially during the pandemic. I will share some tools everyone can use to understand what areas can be used for improvement which will largely impact your throughput in your professional life. I will also discuss how to regain focus and concentrate on producing high quality deliverables.

Key takeaways

  • Mental health matters.
  • A positive outlook can only come from within.
  • Make it safe to talk about mental health issues.


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