How to boost performance at work using simple mindfulness techniques

Now, more than ever, we tend to get into a monotonous routine in our everyday life. Work blends with the rest of the day and there is no clear boundary between them anymore. We end up overwhelmed, overworked and tired. Because of this, we become less productive and less motivated.

To escape this routine, there are simple techniques that we can apply throughout the day. These can shift our perspective, our mood, and even the way we approach our tasks. Most of these techniques come from mindfulness but applying them doesn’t need any prior experience or knowledge. Making small shifts during the day can have a big impact in making room for creativity, productivity and focus.

I recently started leading tea meditation sessions for IT companies, especially during those days that are full of meetings, when everyone feels like they are on autopilot for the day. Tea meditations are my signature technique that creates ripples throughout the rest of the day by transforming a cup of tea or coffee into a trigger for meditation.

Taking a moment to recenter, to get back to the present moment can shift the vibe of an entire meeting room even if that room is a virtual one.

Key takeaways

  • Why does routine kill performance and makes us feel like we are on a hamster wheel.
  • How taking a break can help you finish a task faster.
  • Simple ways to unplug and give your mind and eyes some well-deserved rest.
  • How to remember to apply these tips throughout the day.
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