Kashmir and the road to cashmere

Yonder (Caravaggio)

Kashmir has been always embroiled in territorial dispute, is known as the world’s most militarized zone but it is also the source for cashmere wool or the saffron.

This is how I see the chaotic IT world, with different profiles disputing their roles and tools, but still responsible to deliver what clients expect: the finest products. Communication is at its lowest, inside the product and development team, every member is hallucinating its own reality. It is something we should explore together, and it comes from a developer that have experience to teach youngster how to start a career in programming, so also use this attitude towards testers in his team, challenging them to do more, to learn more, to stop acting as a support for developer. Would it be difficult if the tester stops a developer for a while and have a short chat? His/her approach could be more valuable before the latter starts building bricks. And instead of writing endless testing plans documents he or she could write some automated tests, where the developer might help if assistance is needed. I think tester’s job is not to act as one user one click to identify developer’s mistakes.

Let’s start a revolution – What if we implement two ground rules:

  1.  Developer vs tester at a ratio 2 to 1 and pair programming sessions
  2. Communication first Software is part of everybody’s life, is helping people with their activities, is wasting their time, software is sustaining businesses, is supporting cities and countries activities, is sustaining life in hospitals, is part of our dogs that hold chips under their skin, probably will become part of us.

It’s time to start creating great products as a team, and for this we need to become one that is building software, not documentations, a team that is offering quality, that is responsible for its actions as a whole.

Key takeaways

  • My fellow testers, you are a team’s asset not just support for developers
  • Effective testing, efficient testers, happy clients
  • 2 simple yet powerful ways for better tester – developer bonding
  • It’s a jungle out there and the world need us, let’s loose prejudice and start building great products

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