Track 1 – Leading Quality: How the world’s most successful tech companies deliver high-quality software and accelerate growth

A single bug report forever changed the way I thought about QA. I was approached by a tech company experiencing rapid global growth, with the exception of Indonesia. After conducting a localized functional test, we found the ‘last name’ field was compulsory when signing up to the app. But – why wouldn’t you enter a last name? Why was this so significant? It turns out that 40% of the Indonesian population doesn’t have a surname (due to the country’s political history) and therefore couldn’t sign up.

Once this field was removed, user adoption increased and unlocked a market of 262 million people. We already knew testing could provide valuable results, but it was this particular case that showed us it’s true value, and how it has a measurable impact on business growth.

By searching deeper, to figure out if this case was just an outlier, I interviewed over 120 of the world’s top leaders in QA and Engineering from companies such as Etsy, Google, Airbnb, HelloFresh and more. I was able to uncover how the world’s most successful tech companies deliver high-quality software and accelerate growth – the focus of my talk.

I discovered that, at the heart of every successful quality team, was a leader who had determined how to effectively leverage quality strategy to accelerate business growth. Learn the secret to how the world’s top-performing QA and Engineering leaders change cultures of quality, to one that allows them to deliver high-quality software with speed, and accelerate the growth of their business. Learn how they shift company perspectives on the value of testing, to future-proofing your product for world-class customer experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • How to develop a Quality Narrative that communicates the true value of your quality team throughout the company
  • How to make critical QA decisions based on your product’s maturity & growth metrics
  • How to identify the key metric that significantly impacts the company, through the work carried out by your quality team
  • How to align the different teams and their activities towards a shared goal to contribute to the overall growth of the company
General Business Leadership Track