Level up your visual regression tests with machine learning and python3

The main benefit of Test Automation is that it reduces the manual effort involved in testing. Though one of the most time-consuming activities in the Software Testing process, the validation of the UI is still done mostly manual, with a basic level of automation which mostly consists of byte array or pixel by pixel screenshot comparison.

In this workshop, we will enhance a Visual Regression test solution with Machine Learning tools. We’ll go through the process, step by step and look at the configurations required to have it working and apply it to some examples: web and mobile apps. We will see the advantages and disadvantages of integrating machine learning concepts into the Visual Regression Tests solution. With the main goals of significantly reducing the manual testing effort required for validating the UI, and the manual repetitive work that is subject to human error.

At the end of this workshop, each person will have their own machine learning aided testing solution to build upon.

Key Takeaways

  • Test Automation role in Software testing
  • Common “wrong” perceptions about Test Automation
  • Why Visual Regression is important in Test Automation
  • How to write better Visual Regression tests with Machine Learning
2h Workshop Automation