Martin Gijsen Tutorial | Define your strategy for more value from automation


Recommended for junior testers, mid testers, senior testers & leads, managers.

A significant boost in the value of your automation in testing (a.k.a. automated testing) does not happen by accident. Besides ensuring that you (and others) understand automation well, three steps are important but often missed, leading to serious issues that could have been avoided. After this workshop, this will not happen on your watch! It will teach you to create a strategy to effective and sustainable automation, custom-made for your team / project / organization:

  1. The five business-oriented automation goals and how to decide which one is right for your context. (And no, 100% regression test coverage is NOT one of them!)
  2. How to define a vision for automation that will achieve your goal by not missing an important question. The questions concern the five areas of Product, People, Processes, Execution and Techniques.
  3. How to plan the activities that will realize your vision.

The vision gets the most attention, and it will be discussed in a highly structured manner. The workshop is highly interactive, includes exercises to apply the most important things to your context immediately, and questions are very welcome. Fundamental concepts will be explained as needed.


This workshop leads to a draft strategy to achieve the automation you would want, specifically for your context. And you will know what questions remain to be answered to complete the picture.

Key takeaways

  • Know what you are doing it for to ensure your decisions lead you to that goal.
  • A list with the right questions to ask to ensure your vision (and strategy) is complete.
  • Create a roadmap to address everything at the right time.
  • Take care of any remaining points later using the material provided.

Prerequisites: none.

Access to the tutorial:

The tutorial is available through 2 types of tickets: