Mindbusters – Test Your Mind

Micro Focus (Botticelli)

The world of software development is ever changing. As testers, we need to not just adapt but also embrace change in order to stay relevant and bring value. Luckily, we have a great tool that will always be useful, regardless of the environment: our mind. However, because we are governed by our biases, the mind can also play tricks with us and that can be problematic for effective testing. That’s why learning more about how your mind works is important. We can apply what we learn in two ways: to improve ourselves and to teach and coach others around us. What can you expect to learn during this workshop?
– Improving yourself
– Learning to be aware of your cognitive biases and work with them
– The role of mindfulness and techniques to employ when you feel stressed
– Observing your personal habits & work with your circle of influence (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
– Learning how you learn
– Teaching others & Coaching
– The power of observing and asking questions
– Identify ‘mind busting’ risks in your team

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Sli.do – Z593

2h Workshop