Moving from Performance to Resilience Testing

Nowadays we build applications via the micro-services principle, making our applications easier to maintain, deploy, test and change. Multiple micro-services together form one application. These micro-services can easily be deployed on cloud platforms. By using this approach, DevOps teams get more control over their infrastructure.

During this workshop we will show you the importance of performance testing and the benefits of resilience testing. You’ll learn what the impact is of a redeployment of your application, or the impact of a switch over in availability zones, specifically for your application.

We help you create a performance test and a resilience test for your cloud-based micro-service application, establishing a resilient service for your customer. We believe a resilient service is stable and reliable, has high availability, and does not compromise the integrity of the service or the consistency of the data.

Key Takeaways

  • The basics in micro-services and cloud platforms
  • What performance testing entails
  • Setting up your own performance test What resilience testing is
  • Setting up your own resilience test
Full Day Tutorial Performance