Navigating the Road to Automated Testing through OKRs

Track B - Outer Space theme

I’d like to talk about a journey I undertook to build a highly effective QA team with robust automated testing capabilities. The journey started two years ago, when I joined a project where we needed to create automated tests and there was little knowledge in this area. My main goal was to grow the team so that we could increase the test coverage as the project was growing fast and it was no longer sustainable to run manual regression tests.
It’s a common concern among QAs to express frustration about their desire to learn automated testing while being burdened by the amount of manual testing on their plate. This presentation aims to show an approach to address this problem among teams.

Key takeaways:

  • Breaking the Cycle: Struggling to find time for automated testing due to the absence of automated tests; caught in a loop that needs breaking.
  • Supporting Learning: Ensure the team gets the necessary support when diving into a new test automation framework; recognizing the importance of a helping hand in the learning process.
  • Boosting Motivation: Unveiling the potential of OKRs in boosting individual motivation within the team;
  • Clear Goals for Focus: Initiating the journey with a straightforward approach—setting one clear goal for the team. This method prevents feeling overwhelmed and helps the team stay focused.
  • Sustaining Positive Habits: Emphasizing the need for continuous effort in maintaining positive habits; striving consistently to reinforce a culture of progress and improvement.