Oliver Stenbom Talk | 100 end-to-end tests in 1 minute: what was expensive is now cheap?

Talk Room 2

Recommended for Junior testers, Mid testers, Senior testers & leads

Full end-to-end tests are costly, slow and flakey. But do they have to be? We’ve learnt how to make our playwright tests so easy to develop and so cheap to run that you can run one hundred of them in under a minute! Your e2e suite doesn’t have to be a deployment bottleneck, and using this approach engineers can combat flakes up-front.

Silver bullet? Not so much. Flakey tests are gonna flake, and it is still difficult to run tests on components in isolation. Not to mention that you still need to maintain a stable environment to run them against and provide a way for engineers to test their changes in that environment. With that said, they’re still a fantastic tool when used in the right way! They help us catch some of the most unexpected failures before they reach production. In this talk we will consider what an end-to-end testing strategy looks like in a world where your e2e tests are no longer expensive in terms of hardware resources or time.

Key takeaways

  • Playwright e2e tests can be run much faster than was previously possible using aws lambda
  • It is easier to create stable end to end tests under these conditions
  • There are still other costs associated with end to end tests


  • Tried an e2e framework like cypress, selenium or playwright before.