Oliver Stenbom & Charlotte Andersson Tutorial | Real Life Playwright: Setting Yourself up for End to End success | SOLD OUT



Recommended for junior testers, mid testers, senior testers & leads, managers.

Playwright is the hot new testing tool on the end to end block. Most people find that it’s both faster and less flakey than cypress. In this tutorial, we’ll be applying playwright as an end to end testing tool in a more realistic setting and work though setting up playwright “beyond day 1”.

This tutorial is all about what the documentation won’t give you. It’s our “best practice” set of opinions that we’ve picked up after running playwright for over a year at Mentimeter. We’ll talk about when and how to blend APIs with browser work, make good use of Page Object Models and how to structure your tests for long-term stability. 


Set up a project in playwright, and have an idea of how to structure playwright end-to-end tests for long-term maintenance.

Key takeaways

  • What the ideal size of an end-to-end test is
  • How to keep playwright end-to-end tests small enough
  • Good practice file structure and page object model usage for a playwright project


  • Laptop with node (preferably 16 or later) & npm installed.
  • Tried an e2e framework like cypress, selenium or playwright before.

Access to the tutorial:

The tutorial is available through 2 types of tickets: