Optimize and Enable your Software Testing Practice by being Nimble

Track B - Outer Space theme

All engineering teams should be nimble, and your testing team is no exception. In this current climate, it’s even more important to ensure that test engineers are as optimized as possible in order to quickly pivot to best support and enable the delivery efforts of the development. Although sometimes overlooked, the testing team can be a key component to not only inform the teams on quality of the technical solutions, the right people can also be influential in the overall quality of the SDLC. Whichever approach you are taking on your testing team, each has its pros and cons and we will have a thoughtful discussion on them as they pertain to hiring, assessing overall testing and quality, and how you can ensure the team is operating in the most efficient way possible.

Key takeaways

  • We will talk about three different approaches when building and maintaining a software quality team
  • Deep-dive into the approaches: centralized, decentralized, and hybrid
  • Discuss the nimble characteristics that belong to each approach