Robo Psychology: Testing AI

Accenture (Vivaldi)

AI technology is increasing at an exponential rate, meaning that soon most of us are going to at least have some experience in either testing an AI product, working with AI tools, or even being assisted by an AI “colleague.”

The question was asked at a meetup: “How can we test something that is constantly learning, changing, and might be hiding things from us?”

That’s where psychology comes in. As a clinical neuropsychologist I had to “test” people, who are learning, changing, and sometimes lying. I think a lot of the same principles there can be applied to AI testing, and so I’ve set out to chart the methods and tools we might need to learn very soon.

Join me in an exploration of how you too can become a Robo Psychologist!

Key takeaways

  • AI testing will require a different mindset and approach to testing
  • Curiosity is at the root of investigation
  • Disciplines that were once far away can share methods and techniques now

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