Satisfaction with abstraction, from individual contributor to leadership

What are the attributes of a super hero? Usually we are talking about extraordinary abilities such as flying, a strong moral code, a secret identity and/or an exciting backstory. Superheroes don’t only exist in comics though. What makes a superhero in real life? It’s not flying, a cool costume or a secret identity, the main attribute of a superhero though is helping others. Without helping others, a superhero cannot exist.

Gwen moved from being an individual contributor to a leadership role a few years ago. Moving from being an individual contributor on a team to being in more of a support function is hard. It’s easy to put pressure on yourself to be the superhero and as with the superheroes in comics, it’s tolling on your mental health. Most people get energy and satisfaction from working together in a team or completing tasks but, when the team is taken away and the tasks are abstract, how can you continue to get satisfaction?

Gwen will discuss her journey from tester to Engineering Manager. She will talk through how she helped testers at all level grow and what tools she uses for a great relationship. She will discuss moving from testing to working on a wider scope (she currently is the Engineering Manager for Machine Learning and Data Engineering as well). Lastly, she will dive into the mental side effects and how she gained satisfaction from not being an individual contributor. You can’t help others without helping yourself first!