Security Hardening of Web Applications Through HTTP Headers

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Traditional Crimes are old, but the Modern Crimes happen with Bits and Bytes.

Cyber Weapons are the Powerful Weapons of Malicious Hackers. There are “Security Risks Everywhere & Anywhere”. Multitudes of IP addresses globally means, so many risks that your web application is being vulnerable to. The good news is, with resilient security controls one can build better layers of Security in their Web Applications.

In this talk, Santhosh Tuppad is going to focus on “Web Application Security”. Security of Web Applications as it is often disregarded until the Owners face their Worst Nightmare which is Identity Theft, Data Theft and other potentially dangerous attacks. Due to which, they also face Class Action Lawsuit or Heavy Penalty (Example: GDPR) for not adhering to privacy policy or taking measures to protect the data of users. Or just not complying to various compliance acts.

We can speak about Security for multiple days and we can still keep discussing until we die. However, Santhosh is going to focus on a specific topic which is “Securing your Web Application via HTTP Headers” as you may have already read in the title of this talk. Not only you will know how HTTP Headers work and how they can be used in your web applications to build better wall against malicious hackers, but also you will experience “Demonstration of how you can configure them in your web applications and how these HTTP Headers function to mitigate some of the potentially dangerous attacks. Santhosh says, “I have been frustrated with how companies are not getting the little things right in their Security and I would love to see the audience taking this learning back and implementing “Secure Headers” in their web application after this talk”.


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