Testing in cloud environments and the need for TestOps

A long time ago in an office not so far away, we were working on an api for a client who set an seemly impossible deadline. There was plenty of overtime and we broke each other’s code with every push.

“There’s got to be a better way” I said to myself.

And there was!
After I added acceptance tests, I could refactor without fear and I could find out who broke my features in minutes ( to the exact commit! ).
Just one new practice removed my stress and delivered the project in time.

Fast forward today, the cloud can do the same and more because it’s not just bringing automation, it also brings a lot of features (Infrastructure as Code, Environment on Demand, Observability, practical Ci/CD) to make our lives easier, to help us in our common goal:

Building quality products (and not burn out in the process)

And who better to integrate these tools and practices into the testing process than those most passionate about quality, who puts business value over quantity and is always curious eager to learn and build something great: You!

What we will do
We’ll start with why should you care about the cloud. Then well get into the real meaning of devops and how testops relates to it. CI/CD is essential for any modern project, so we’ll see the best ways to build our pipelines in AWS based on your context.

Using infrastructure as code we’ll build the test infrastructure and explore how environment on demand can accelerate the testing process. Observability isn’t just a buzz word, it’s also useful for you, we’ll see how we can use the same tools and processes to detect regressions.
(We will be using AWS tools and technologies)

Who is this for

  • Testers interested in automation and Cloud/AWS
  • Testers wanting to be autonomous in the cloud
  • Testers wanting to be owners of their whole stack


Key Takeaways

  • How to implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery inside AWS
  • Learn how Infrastructure as Code and Environment on Demand can enhance the testing process
  • Intro into Observability and it’s uses for testing



  • Laptop
  • Aws account
  • Node.js LTS
  • Code editor with Javascript/TypeScript support
  • Awscli setup
  • Basic Javascript/TypeScript know-how
  • GIT installed and basic know-how
  • Comfortable with CLI usage


Please complete the setup before joining the workshop, we will not do the setup during the workshop

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