Testing the Ideas

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How do you test ideas?

Sounds like a hard question… What does it even mean?

To test ideas, you need to break out of a traditional mind-set of thinking that testing purely relates to the boundaries of making sure that software meets the expectations of how it is supposed to work. We need to think more about the unknowns… The unexpected things relating to software. Only then can we transpire those ideas of unknowns to our initial thinking about the software solution before we even attempt to write a line of code, or an artefact to try and describe the expectations.

All software starts with an idea – an idea for a solution to a problem, or an idea to make money, or an idea to delight people. Testing the idea of the software solution is a hugely important part of continuous testing.

This testing, at the earliest point in time within the SDLC, actually helps prevent problems and bugs. It helps uncover unknowns. Unknowns related to risks and unknowns that cause assumptions and ambiguities within the design and development of the software. And this testing requires a whole host of psychology and sociology skills.

In this keynote, Dan will share his ideas, experiences, success stories and pain points, strategies, tips & tricks and more, regarding why and how to test your ideas.


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