[Keynote] The Jurassic Park Dilemma – possible, ethical, legal


Technology has the possibility to change everything. Change lives, quality of life or even the direction of mankind.
With the use of technical innovations we are able to communicate not only across the world, but across the stars! We are able to do surgeries and medical replacements that where science fiction only decades ago.

Without pushing the boundaries of the possible – where would we be in this day and age? We can be sure it would definitely not be where we are today.

When building software, we often talk about what is possible from a technical point of view, what a user would want and what would benefit the business. But there are other aspects to consider, that engineering teams might not consider as often. Among them – the ethical and legal aspects and implications of a solution.

In this talk we will discuss how possible, ethical and legal are three different forces – working on different axis and with their own forces. Sometimes in tandem, sometimes in mutual exclusiveness. Often not with enough consideration of all three.
This talk is for anyone who wants to reflect and learn from an experienced lawyer who likes to ask ”Is it legal to build that?”, a lifelong tech person who likes to push the ”Is it possible to build that?”, both with a passion for asking ”But SHOULD we build that?”