The power of exploration

Accenture (Vivaldi)

If we could only capture the multiple layered parallel processes happening in our brain when we do exploratory testing, no one would ever again call it “just clicking around” or “just experience and intuition”. Exploratory testing isn’t a new term, but it’s maybe time to place more focus on its importance, its usefulness and the inner workings of our brain when we do it.

After all, software is becoming more complex and connected. The unknown unknowns are increasing. Exploring will become, more than ever, our most powerful tool – and it’s time to get explicit about what that means.

In this keynote, Alex will look at exploratory testing through the heuristics we use when we’re exploring. How do we know what steps to choose? How do we apply what we’ve just learned to what we already know? Why do two testers sometimes have exactly the same idea? How can we improve this incredible skill and how can we teach it to others?

Through examples, live testing and stories, Alex will rekindle the spark of excitement for exploratory testing and give concrete ways of improving in your own teams.


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