Maryam Umar Tutorial | Creating a QA Roadmap which works


Recommended for: Test Managers/ Leads

It’s time to create a roadmap for the team. How do I know where to start? In this workshop, we will look into some steps which can be taken to create a roadmap:

  1. Identifying a goal
  2. Conversing with stakeholders
  3. Conversing with teams facing challenges
  4. Brainstorming
  5. Identifying Themes & their initiatives
  6. Visualizing progress
  7. Measuring success
  8. Repeat the above from points 4-7.

The group will be taken through the above steps with their examples. I will also share examples of roadmaps I have created and how to better visualize the roadmap for stakeholders.

Key takeaways: 

  • Roadmaps are easy to create
  • How to show progress of a roadmap to different levels of stakeholders
  • How to prioritize items for the roadmap based on risk

Prerequisites: None

Access to the tutorial:

The tutorial is available through 2 types of tickets: