[Tutorial] Reimage Test Automation

Many organizations struggle to maintain automation frameworks that deliver actionable business outcomes. CenterTest solves this by merging UI, API, Performance testing, and more into a unified, stable framework using Java and OO principles. Join us for guided practice and a free 2-year license to CenterTest to learn how to revolutionize and future-proof test automation for your organization.

In this workshop, we will throw away the rule book to ask and answer questions like:

  • “How can we make UI testing the foundation of our automation strategy?”
  • “How can we use existing, functional tests for performance testing?”
  • “How can we simplify data-driven testing without compromising coverage while reducing test data?”

Attendees will get their hands dirty with real-world test cases in CenterTest, extending these tests, practicing novel automation strategies, and rethinking automation.

Key Takeaways:

  • All workshop attendees will receive a complimentary two-year individual license to Kimputing’s CenterTest along with support; a US$590 value.
  • Explore techniques to expand POM (page object models) capabilities, tying the POM directly to the framework using built-in features that go beyond just identifying XPaths to implementing type and function.
  • Learn data-driven principles to convert hard-coded tests into data-driven ones, intelligently ignore unnecessary test data, and manage test data effectively to eliminate data bloat.
  • Mimic real user interactions with tables for effective table and row interaction.
  • Implement multi-user/multi-session tests opening new doors for complex, realistic end-to-end testing.
  • Use functional tests for performance testing by adding performance profiles to consolidate testing efforts. Why have two tests when one will do?
  • Learn how easy testing documents can be, even with delayed production times.
  • Restarting tests at the point of failure is easy. Learn how, then add self-managed execution.
  • Learn to leverage extensive built-in analytic data to enhance system performance and stability.

Who Should Attend:

  • Testers, QA Professionals, and Developers who want to learn how to unleash the power of sophisticated test automation.
  • Manual Testers considering a transition into test automation (we’re giving you the framework and the tests – don’t worry!).
  • QA Managers and Leads who understand the limits of automation and want more.


Bring your own laptop (Windows or Mac) with Java 17 and IntelliJ Community Edition 2024+ installed. We will provide these at the workshop if needed – but please try to come prepared. If you don’t want to write tests yourself, you are still welcome to attend and learn!