Vernon Richards Tutorial | Leadership

Expert Track Workshops

This tutorial is part of the Experts track, June 7th.

Coaching skills are becoming more and more prevalent across the software industry, including quality and testing! But what is coaching, and how does it change our work in the quality and testing space? This workshop will answer those questions.


By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the 3 key elements of coaching.
  • Explain the difference between coaching, mentoring and teaching.
  • Choose when which approach to use in a variety of work situations.

Key takeaways

  • Experience what it feels like to coach and be coached.
  • Recognize when coaching is not going to help!
  • Judge when coaching, mentoring or teaching is most appropriate.
  • Use unconditional positive regard, active listening and powerful questions to help your teammates solve quality engineering challenges.

Prerequisites: None.