Speaker compensation

Qualisophy in testing – can you test it?

  • We provide you the opportunity to share your ideas, experiences and challenges to a large local and international public.
  • Learn and inspire others to follow your vision in testing.
  • Become a well known speaker and a testing world hero!

Compensation: Operational

RTC covers the following:

  • Travel costs (in the limits stated below)
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and the way back in our conference branded cars
  • Hotel accommodation in a 5* hotel (breakfast included) for one night before and one after your session(s) – in case more nights are required in order to participate in the conference day (14.06.2019) they will be covered in the limits of the travel caps stated below.
  • Meals during the conference: lunches, speakers dinner and other conference related activities
  • Speakers giving a tutorial are rewarded with 500 euros/session – the quantum will be paid within 3 weeks after the conference based on an invoice
  • Free entrance to the conference day
  • 25% discount for workshops for the speakers (requires prior registration and it’s subject to availability)
  • Free entrance to XTestathon
  • Free entrance to RTC Youth

We’re not covering the additional costs with the mini-bar and other hotel expenses that might appear, for example extending your stay.

We purchase the ticket in advance, on a route agreed with the speaker, according to his/hers time schedule. If the speaker is insisting on purchasing his/her own ticket, we will reimburse the ticket cost in maximum 3 weeks after conference day.

We have a maximum travel cap of 500 euros/session for Europe based speakers and one of 800 euros/session for the ones coming from other continents. We work with our partner travel agency so that you don’t have to spend from your own budget. The travel agency will help you choose, book and make all necessary arrangements. The amount contains the accommodation price. The venue offers special prices for the conference participants (the prices can be found here). The cap includes (bullet 1 and 3).

Please note that these expenses are per session. If the session is delivered by more than one person the expenses will have to split between the speakers.

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